"To be born a gentleman is an accident, but to die one is an accomplishment"


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Probably will never finish this. Another page in the sketchbook. #defcise #alwaysWorkInProgress
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Emma Roberts polaroid by Ibra Ake.
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Check game. My gf is getting some recognition for her greatness. Check it out: http://bit.ly/1k02GY4
Another quick random in between other things. | #defcise #sketch
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Some quick illustration of someone on Instagram… Eh? | #defcise
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So… I got a new sketchbook. One of the first few things I drew in it. Paper is pretty sh*t, but it was like $6 and I’m quite poor believe it or not. So here you are. | #defcise #2014 #sketchbook
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1 of 4 #commission #supernatural #workinprogress #megmasters #defcise
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"Politeness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirtation."
Unknown (via textposter)

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Happy Air Max day. Yeah… Apparently, it’s a thing. Had to pay a tribute because the AM90 “infrared” are my grails. #kickcheck #airmax #nike #airmax27
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