I Keep For My People
Graphite, Chalk, and Acrylic on Toned paper
Inspired by the story of the indigenous people of Brazil being ran out of their home so that is can be demolished and replaced by a parking structure for the Olympics; I thought, what if they had a bad ass female lawyer on their side. She would be one of them, but left the pack to be assimilated into everyday society, but knowing where she was from. She would be their hero, deliberating by day and kicking ass, while sleuthing by night. 
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She’s super!
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You’re Her’s, When She Wants You
Graphite, Chalk, and Acrylic
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When I Stop to Think…
Graphite, Chalk, and Acrylic on Toned paper
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When I get Depressed - WIP
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Say You Wanna Stay
Graphite, Chalk, and Color pencil on Toned paper
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A proper illustration I did of @missyonka a lol bit ago, added some highlights.
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On the train, drew up @ann_bees eyes and @missyonka dumbin’ (star slinger playing)
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On a roll here, and improper sketch of @sharpiegreen if she had piercings, a neck tat, and some small ass eyes lls!
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Sketchin’ at work. Today’s production: zilch.
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God yes… ‘91 til infinity
Are You Still Listening…?
Graphite, Acrylic, and Color pencil on Paper
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Let Me Tell You Something…
Graphite, Acrylic, and Color pencil on paper
(feat. my dirty desk, eraser shavings and all)
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A narrative, I say. A narrative, you repeat.
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