"A Dreamer — if you must know its exact definition — is not a man, but a sort of creature of the neuter gender. He settles mostly in some inaccessible place, as though anxious to hide in it even from the light of day; and once he gets inside his room, he’ll stick to it like a snail, or, at all events, he is in this respect very like that amusing animal which is an animal and a house both at one and the same time and bears the name of tortoise."
Fyodor Dostoevsky, White Nights
Not much of a painter, so when a follower on Tumblr asked me “why don’t I use a lot of color” I saw it a challenge, to better my craft. | www.defcise.com
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Model: Kourtney Bell
Photographer: Crystal D. Johnson
theOTHERcrystal 2013
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That’s it for tonight | #workinprogress #vscocam
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Something to get off my chest…

Honestly, more times than not, I look very lowly on my work. I rarely ever feel quite well with what it is I do. I guess it’s do to a number of factors. I get caught up comparing myself to the few I admire. It’s an incredible and humbling feeling knowing people actually like my work. I never really imagined it. My father, he was an incredible illustrator, but he did his work in an age without Internet so widespread recognition was a little harder to come by and I don’t even feel my work is comparable to his. Then I see the bodies of work people pay to own and flock and see and always tel myself “well you can’t be that great, no one wants to by or flock to see your stuff.”

I don’t know, I am just grateful for the people who like my stuff. My girlfriend and biggest cheerleader is always reminding me of the people who have expressed there zeal for my work and I guess I wanted to say thank you. Even my closest friends could care less for what I do, sometimes and you all and the few elsewhere always make it ok. So again thanks. Anybody seeing this and like my work, you are an inspiration.

She’s going to take awhile | #workinprogress
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Models: JeVeatrice Bonner & Kourtney Bell
Photographer: Crystal D. Johnson

My girlfriend, my award gettin’ filmmaker, has ventured into photography. She started a tumblr for her work as well. I love her and her stuff so if you like photography, give her a follow.
Plus, I edit some of her photos, sometimes. :)
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lulusewsews asked:
I just discovered your work this evening - out of this world!

Aww well, welcome. Thank you for the kind words, really. Really, thank you.

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She’s looking a little evil… | WIP
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The Enlightening 
Graphite and Charcoal on Toned Paper
Yeah, so I’m back on Instagram. Something new to look at.
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