I’m with her most days… | what I’m working on now.
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Queen Pleasure

Acrylic and Graphite on Wood

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Sketchbook Entry | Been a week since I’ve drawn anything. #defcise #illustration #art #fkatwigs #music #artist @fkatwigs
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A small… Very small print run. A run of 10 11”x14” 100% cotton prints are being made. Something like a feeler to test the demand for my printed works. May expand in coming days. For now though, www.defcise.bigcartel.com

#prints #art #defcise #fineart
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Wait’n for some paint’n | #workinprogress #art #defcise
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Work in progress

Something big for this show coming up. One of hopefully 3.
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Go to this Awesome Event by NERDnation called Xposed! Get your ticket now! xposed.us #xposedc I’M IN IT!!!! 😊
Untitled (DOM)



I’d like to think its self explanatory.
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Watching Louie and drawing a strange crop of what seems like alien heads. I just drew some easy sh*t to unwind. Intricate faces were making my brain hurt. | #tired #art #sketchbook #workinprogress #defcise
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Untitled | #defcise
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Last Look: nearing completion on the graphite end. Will add fixitive then paint. On of my favs.
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Big portrait of love for a pair of soon-to-be’s. | #art #workinprogress #defcise
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Step one completed. Adding color and all that some other time. Don’t clock me though.
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Trying to find time to work on what calms me these days. | #workinprogress #defcise
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When You Get A Chance
Graphite and Acrylic on Toned Paper
What started out as practice in value became this thing. It’s from a found image, but it reminds me a lot of family. A member from the other side I don’t see very much anymore (actually never see anymore). With the holidays upon us, I remember the quiet wars that raged during them. The ignoring, complaining, fallouts, bailouts, make ups, and so forth. This picture literally reads, I don’t really care to listen anymore. But from where I am standing, i’m trying to get her to do me a favor, much like what the title implies. I guess, i’m essentially referencing to a trivial point during the best of times.
Happy holidays, and sorry for the life story.

This showed up on my timeline… It’s always strange  to see my stuff show up on my timeline.
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