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School Daze

Graphite and Acrylic on Wood


I met her in college, 18 and not looking. I wasn’t one to chomp at the bit, so I kept my distance. Somehow I landed her and she got me at the worst of times. I learned to love her the way she should have always been and she will always be that girl that goes to my school, School Daze.
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Untitled (DOM)



I’d like to think its self explanatory.
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Last Look: nearing completion on the graphite end. Will add fixitive then paint. On of my favs.
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Step one completed. Adding color and all that some other time. Don’t clock me though.
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Trying to find time to work on what calms me these days. | #workinprogress #defcise
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Tish - James Baldwin’s “If Beale Street Could Talk” | My portrayal of a great character from a great book. #defcise #2014
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Probably will never finish this. Another page in the sketchbook. #defcise #alwaysWorkInProgress
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Graphite and Charcoal on Toned paper
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How You Gon’ Act
Graphite, Charcoal, and Acrylic on Toned paper
I believe this is it for 2013. Hopefully in the new year I get comfortable with oils, push acrylics a little more and maybe dive into gouache. I’m looking to do some selling soon. Get rid of a few originals piling up. A nice home would do then some good. Plus what’s the point of creating them of they’re just to sit around in a closet?
It’s been a decent year with you all. I thank you and hope things get better from here.
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Your voice coming through the line, you’re not exactly by my side
Graphite, colored pencil, and Acrylic on Toned paper
It has been a fairly good year, in regards to my art at least. I mean I’ve tried a few things, corrected a few things and just drew til I was tired. The good thing is the notice and respect of a few peers. I have been revering the work of a few that say they like my stuff and it really capped this year for me.
It means quite a bit to have people be receptive to my depictions of black men and women. At one time, I didn’t think anyone would. Finding a few blogs and discovering current black contemporary artist really instill some confidence in my direction and sticking to it. I really hope you all enjoyed what I have been showing and can’t wait for next year. Here’s to hoping I’m making something big of all of this. Thank you all and happy holidays.
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For years
She Says Really Sweet Shit
Graphite, White Charcoal, and Acrylic on Toned Paper
Pretty self explanatory. I asked, politely, if I could use her image for an illustration, she politely answered yes. Giving foreword about my work. I took a shining to her words. Then i drew her and in the midst of the illustration thought to myself; Man… I need to do more work with her. SO here is a days worth of work.
The “her” in question is Anarkhy. Thank you again.
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Graphite, Charcoal, and Acrylic on Toned paper

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