You’re Her’s, When She Wants You
Graphite, Chalk, and Acrylic
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When I Stop to Think…
Graphite, Chalk, and Acrylic on Toned paper
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Say You Wanna Stay
Graphite, Chalk, and Color pencil on Toned paper
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Are You Still Listening…?
Graphite, Acrylic, and Color pencil on Paper
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Let Me Tell You Something…
Graphite, Acrylic, and Color pencil on paper
(feat. my dirty desk, eraser shavings and all)
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My (late) contribution to the lore that is 4/20. The piece is called “Faded.” More like a challenge met, I just enjoyed drawing it because unusual faces are my shiz, and in case you have not noticed, I’m obsessed with body mods. So viola, I’m thinking of just giving this one away. Now that I’m done it’ll just hang around my office desk taking up space.
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Endors Toi #2
Digital Painting
This is the second of the two pieces i have done for this series and I feel like this is more of where I would like it to be. I like how little there is to combat with visually. I like that the colors in the face are bolder than everything else. I enjoy how long it takes me to do something that feels so simple. But with time becoming more of a problem than a plus, i have got to get to visualizing the last 7 of these pieces. This is going to be an interesting month.
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Enders Toi #1
Digital Painting
I am sorry guys. I am apologizing because I took on the “30 Day Art Challenge” 42 days before a group show I am doing. So the work for the show is taking precedence over the challenge. Good news though, i am giving you guys looks at the work i am doing for the show. I am tackling a quick series of digital illustrations of beautifully hooded androgynous figures. Something out of dreams hence the series name. This is my first run, more like a feeling out illustration. I am not convinced by this one but being that it is my first attempt, i like the initial look. i am doing some new things with these pieces so bare with me.
In the meantime, I enjoy the love you guys. I mean my piece I did in collaboration with Feline has gotten so many notes, it’s beyond wonderful and I have no other option but to gush a little and just be grateful. That kind of love is what keeps me going, especially during times when I truly feel talentless. I love you guys, thank you.
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30 Day Art Challenge // Day 2 Someone You Like (Celebrity)
Denise Huxtable
I chose Denise because of who she was. She was fictional, but she was incredible. She was approachable, caring, aspiring, she dreamed big, and lived fairly by day. She was beautiful and she was smart, but she was flawed and made mistakes. I guess life is easier to learn from when your mother and father are Claire and Cliff. Regardless she is the barometer for the women I take to and this point in my life, I think I have got the right one.
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30 Day Art Challenge // Day 1 Yourself or your Persona
My self, inquisitive about life.
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All Gold, Running Things
This illustration can be seen accompanying an article in TAC Magazine issue 2. A 3 hour piece that I am kind of proud of. Did something with the lighting I don’t normally do. Ventured out of my comfort zone. The title is a play on the title to Trinidad James, All Gold Everything.
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Blood by Versace
Collaboration with Feline Zegers
Digital Painting
Figured why should the Tumblr community settle for an Instagram shot…
Mixed Media
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Mixed media
When trying isn’t enough…
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