And They Think!
Mixed Media
I found this great shot of Hattie Watson, a crush of mine, perusing the agglomeration of photos she has about the internet. In drawing it and trying something new with the color pencil in my sketchbook, I saw something more about the image. Her contemplative demeanor spurred me to think about the conservative mount against women. So I arrived at the name, And They Think! Like a personal jab to the man. Enjoy
Also, in other news, I am considering re-opening my little print shop. Get a few of these brown paper bad boys printed and sell them if anyone would be interested. Just an idea, but one i’m kicking around a little uneasy-like.
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So She Wanted to Be a Vamp
Graphite and Chalk
When does Beyonce NOT look like Beyonce? When I draw her. In my defense, in person, it does, but given the angle. Well regardless, it’s the illustration of the day. One illustration a day until I get a new job. So yeah, if you like my work, hope I never get a job. If you don’t, pray that I do.
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Graphite and Chalk
I thought, why not? She had a tint to her skin in the cartoon, so i went ahead and re-imagined her image. I mean granted,  broke some rules here. I made her a Brazilian youth that was brought up in poverty to learn of her talents. But, the precocious spirit is still there… maybe… more like replaced with an air of idealistic rebellion and a hint of latent drug abuse. I don’t know guys, I like her.
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Graphite and Chalk
Still on my brown paper kick, I love this stuff. I mean so far I have kept all my illustrations on this parchment, ethnically viable. but expect to see quite a few of theses kinds of illustrations. Just having fun now.
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Graphite and Chalk
Had a pretty lazy day today. Metro was in the shit, and the nip in the air turned to a full on cold front. So I stayed in today and drew a picture. More or less nothing behind this piece but the mystery of symbols and the undeniable effect of a stern look. Based off a photograph, I really just wanted to try my hand at drawing a male portrait of intrigue. Women are beautiful, and great, but a change of pace is welcomed.
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UntitledGraphite on Wood
I’m getting back to wood… with such a canvas, I never feel done. My parents are fans of this. Always supportive, I think it lies within the underlying message, the subject matter. I have come to the realization that all the artist I look up to, I admire, I consider peers, they all do wondrous portraits and these illustrious illustrations of… white women. Yes they vary in size, style, and lore, but a lot of them are the same. Though beautiful, it’s hard to find ethnicity in the lot. Sad thing is it is up to the ethnics to make art with diversity and it should be a task of us all. I am taking that into consideration and doing art I like as opposed to what sells. these black faces have been everything to me and for me growing up. Not the faces on the piece in particular, but being black I have been surrounded by faces like these all my life. My art should reflect that and in this epiphany, I have realized that it will. Applying the old adage, do what you love, love what you do. Love you all man… really. Thank you and check it out.
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Digital Painting

Another piece, another story
She’s a disgraced princess you guys. Which would mean, she’s not a princess? Well here’s the story. She’s from a long line of african royalty that celebrates their rich heritage and embraces all walks of life. In their naivety they failed to realize the intentions of their new found friends. In the mix and mingle, the current queen was taken advantage of and the offspring failed bare resemblance to the rest of the family. She is now a novelty, beyond beautiful and universally accept, she will never know the true respect of her people and her family because her blood is diluted.
Essentially this story is pseudo commentary on the european influence on the african community. The un-welcomed divide of shade reaches down to the core of the black community in general. In a lot of cases she will be ideal against her siblings because she is closer in shade to the majority, it’s not alright and there are consequences. Unity is to be had and with racism an ever prevalent social issue, there should be something said to the way, we of a certain minority, should at least treat each other. Just something to think about.
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A culmination of a lot of time and some experimentation. I am trying to meld my traditional art talent with my digital knowledge and this here is an example of that. It’s the beginning so i’m not super smitten with it, but for what it is, I am satisfied.
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I drew Kilo Kish…
This was a while ago, something of an experiment really. I mean I wanted to do something with you know, poppy kinds of elements like the hearts and the kiss face. I mean she’s a beautiful subject, but I try to not let that being the only thing my work is based off of. I don’t know, I guess i’m just ranting really about an illustration I don’t really know what to do with. But my tumblr is about my work and I have been lax as of late with showcasing my work. So yeah, here’s an illustration and pointless little verbiage in accompaniment.
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I can’t really draw… I have a magic pencil that was given to me when I was young. It is said to have been endowed by Brunelleschi, used by Diego Velazquez, discarded by Vincent Van Gogh, found by Pablo Picasso and appraised by Jean-Michel Basquiat. So you see, in fact my talent has nothing to do with my history in art since I was 3, my creative boom in primary school, nor my countless hours on childish commissions throughout my stint in college. My talent was destined and predetermined by the chance happening upon said pencil.

It’s tip forever sharpened and nibbled down ever so slightly on it’s left plane for correct shadowing, it’s own known and honed technique guides my hand as it did the artists of old. It knows what all my work should look like and I allow it to dictate such things for it recalls the approach of those far greater than myself in producing such works of art.

But I digress… For I am lying. There is no such pencil, there is no approach, nothing to find, no miracle or get good quick scheme. Nothing substitutes a vigilant hand and an abundance of imagination. The notion is relative and makes no concession to level or subject matter. Art makes the artist.

I just felt like telling a tale, however tall it may seem.

As if you care… right?
Well with Fall coming, a lot of my friends have graduate college and find this time to be one of transition. So like in many moments of extreme uncertainty, music is the universal buffer. The one constant that no matter will always be welcomed and enjoyed. With the weather making me feel some type of way and work swamping my every moment, I compiled a playlist I love in iTunes. But I wanted to take a jab at sharing that list with you all.
A lot of older things, it’s my Something Slightly Indie playlist. A 12 song mixtape of indie and rock offerings that should do well for any moves. With a tone that fluctuates from slow, fast then back to slow, I think it can be enjoyed by us all.  I really see this as an experiment in the effectual, if people really give one about what i have to say or what I am doing. So I hope those of you that partake enjoy.
Indie Rokkers - MGMTIf Only - Queens Of The Stone AgeThis Charming Man - The SmithsTripoli - PinbackRollercoaster Ride - Whitest Boy AliveBlue Light (Engineers Anti Gravity Mix) - Bloc PartyNaive - The KooksMunich - The EditorsIf Ever I Feel Better (Remix)No One’s Ever Gonna Love You - Band of HorsesSatellite - GusterCosmic Love - Florence and The Machine 
P.S. might need to do some editing in iTunes… my bad.
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It’s been a little while since I have posted some art and this is supposed to be an art blog. So here is a preview of what i am currently working on. I’m coloring an older series i had conjured up. All drawn in my little sketch book, I am scanning and coloring them digitally hopefully to be printed and on display someplace.
Full blog feature to be announced, I am in love with this series so I am hoping you all keep an eye out for it.
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Progress #wip #Illustration #drawing #female #fairytale #badass #snowwhite #sword #art #defcise #mywork #workinprogress  (Taken with Instagram)
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I wish she’d just be finished… whenever it takes me this long to finish something, I find things to not like about it.
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Haha the inspiration behind my new direction likes the new stuff… I say #EPIC
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