As if you care… right?
Well with Fall coming, a lot of my friends have graduate college and find this time to be one of transition. So like in many moments of extreme uncertainty, music is the universal buffer. The one constant that no matter will always be welcomed and enjoyed. With the weather making me feel some type of way and work swamping my every moment, I compiled a playlist I love in iTunes. But I wanted to take a jab at sharing that list with you all.
A lot of older things, it’s my Something Slightly Indie playlist. A 12 song mixtape of indie and rock offerings that should do well for any moves. With a tone that fluctuates from slow, fast then back to slow, I think it can be enjoyed by us all.  I really see this as an experiment in the effectual, if people really give one about what i have to say or what I am doing. So I hope those of you that partake enjoy.
Indie Rokkers - MGMTIf Only - Queens Of The Stone AgeThis Charming Man - The SmithsTripoli - PinbackRollercoaster Ride - Whitest Boy AliveBlue Light (Engineers Anti Gravity Mix) - Bloc PartyNaive - The KooksMunich - The EditorsIf Ever I Feel Better (Remix)No One’s Ever Gonna Love You - Band of HorsesSatellite - GusterCosmic Love - Florence and The Machine 
P.S. might need to do some editing in iTunes… my bad.
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It’s been a little while since I have posted some art and this is supposed to be an art blog. So here is a preview of what i am currently working on. I’m coloring an older series i had conjured up. All drawn in my little sketch book, I am scanning and coloring them digitally hopefully to be printed and on display someplace.
Full blog feature to be announced, I am in love with this series so I am hoping you all keep an eye out for it.
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Progress #wip #Illustration #drawing #female #fairytale #badass #snowwhite #sword #art #defcise #mywork #workinprogress  (Taken with Instagram)
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I wish she’d just be finished… whenever it takes me this long to finish something, I find things to not like about it.
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Haha the inspiration behind my new direction likes the new stuff… I say #EPIC
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What started out as a quick drawing turned into a personal project. I saw this picture of an unassuming hardcore looking girl and thought, why not sketch her. But I saw something in that sketch, a story, something could be conveyed. She reminded me of someone, or multiple someones close to me. So I took to building her up and she went through multiple iterations, trust me. It was really tough just settling, but in the reinforcement of my friends, she found her ultimate look. She’s a drug fueled, sexual deviant with an affinity for women but no idea to do better for herself. She uses like some people I know… or knew. She’s a little scuffed up because a few people didn’t approve of her sexual preference which has been a serious issue in society for many years. But she’s the life of the party and taking those bruises are as gratifying for her as the next hit. She can hang with the best of them and can fight them to no end. I like her… She rocks, she’s cool, she’s just really self destructive and it’s heartbreaking.

I think I like this piece a lot because it looks nothing like anything else I have done and it has a personal resonance with me. I’m hoping you all just find it interesting while with me, she says more than her meager appearance portrays. I even illustrated a version of KeepsWorkshop’s “About A Girl” tee shirt. I don’t know guys, I like this one, so enjoy.
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Wow… look what I found.
Super old illustration I did. I have to say I was like 16… , about 6 years ago maybe. I was mad at a racist named I was called by a passer by in a Uhaul truck. I really couldn’t do much given the fact that they had wheels and I was walking home from school. Man was I pissed… but embarrassed and really didn’t say anything to anyone. The I told my dad and he lost it… This piece stems from that.
It’s call “The Black Disrespect”
I was perusing through some old stuff and saw this .psd file. So I though why not drop it on the old tumblr since I haven’t post anything art related in awhile. Goes to show you that emotion is one hell of a motivator.
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love the illustrating phase.. before color after sketch. #Illustration #art #artist #instagramartist #defcise #eyes #drawing #digital #wip #good #random #lineart  (Taken with Instagram)
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I don’t like this piece… but wanted to show my friends before I scrapped it #art #personal #friends #girl #smile #digital #paint #photoshop #ethnic #dislike #wip #blend #model #girl #defcise #eh #whatever (Taken with Instagram)
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getting back into blending colors #digital #paint #training #practice #illustration #girls #black #blend #art #defcise  (Taken with Instagram)
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Also, a screen of something i’m working on…
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I also liked my shoe/sock combination last night…
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mobbin’ bruv
she’s prettier than me…
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What I do at work…

decent enough, yeah?
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Part of an ongoing series…
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