Graphite, White Charcoal, and Acrylic on Toned paper
Well, here’s something.
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Graphite and Chalk
Still on my brown paper kick, I love this stuff. I mean so far I have kept all my illustrations on this parchment, ethnically viable. but expect to see quite a few of theses kinds of illustrations. Just having fun now.
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UntitledGraphite on Wood
I’m getting back to wood… with such a canvas, I never feel done. My parents are fans of this. Always supportive, I think it lies within the underlying message, the subject matter. I have come to the realization that all the artist I look up to, I admire, I consider peers, they all do wondrous portraits and these illustrious illustrations of… white women. Yes they vary in size, style, and lore, but a lot of them are the same. Though beautiful, it’s hard to find ethnicity in the lot. Sad thing is it is up to the ethnics to make art with diversity and it should be a task of us all. I am taking that into consideration and doing art I like as opposed to what sells. these black faces have been everything to me and for me growing up. Not the faces on the piece in particular, but being black I have been surrounded by faces like these all my life. My art should reflect that and in this epiphany, I have realized that it will. Applying the old adage, do what you love, love what you do. Love you all man… really. Thank you and check it out.
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Progress #wip #Illustration #drawing #female #fairytale #badass #snowwhite #sword #art #defcise #mywork #workinprogress  (Taken with Instagram)
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love the illustrating phase.. before color after sketch. #Illustration #art #artist #instagramartist #defcise #eyes #drawing #digital #wip #good #random #lineart  (Taken with Instagram)
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For a friend #Illustration #friend #drawing #artist #art #digital #portrait #male #blackandwhite #instagramartist  (Taken with instagram)
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my tribute for Prometheus starting from the center out…
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a test print…
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Mother Mary
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my brother says he likes it
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I too am looking to draw everyday… tonights offering.
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digital soon…
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