Blood by Versace
Collaboration with Feline Zegers
Digital Painting
Figured why should the Tumblr community settle for an Instagram shot…

TAC Magazine Issue 1
It is finally released to you all, the masses. This has been a labor of love and a test to patience, efficiency, trust, and above all desire. Times are changing and that’s why the title reads as it does. The world is a work of art and the people that contribute to it range far and wide outside the scope of the general media and the publicity machine that keeps these people going. So we here at TAC Magazine want to give light to those that work tirelessly to further their respective genres by offering works of art time and time again. 
We care not for fame or notoriety on our part. The true test is what we can make of the people we find interesting enough to feature. If they can reach certain kind of pinnacle because of the few pages we dedicated to their story, that is the true testament of our effort.
With that we offer you Issue 1 of TAC magazine for FREE. Please take time out to just see what it is we have to offer. With interviews from Feline Zegers, Kawan Jones, and others, we think that if nothing else, reading first hand what drives these individuals or inspires them to be, well, great. Thank you for giving us a reason to even do this.
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I also liked my shoe/sock combination last night…
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Today’s fit #fashion #clothing #shorts #socks #stripes #Jesus #bracelet #blue #watch #hot #weather (Taken with Instagram)
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what i’m currently up to…
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uh well… yeah…
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Carefree. For more; flickr
photographer: @apollof

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graceful & elegant
photographer: @apollof
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Gonzalo Duarte

Laurel is a consummate professional.
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photographer: @apollof
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Gemma Ward

Sølve Sundsbø
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