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Graphite, Charcoal, and Acrylic on Toned paper


I’m impartial to full nudity in my work. I usually like to convey the message with modesty. But everything about her in her natural state needed to be portrayed almost exactly to convey what I saw in seeing her like this in the reference.

Also, I have come to the realization that I love to draw tank girl tattoos. I’ve loved tank girl since I was young and now she’s the go to character when I want a small addition with attitude. Altogether this is one of my favorites I’ve made and that’s saying a lot because I’m really hard on my stuff.

P.S. The reference was shot by Ibra Ake, awesome photographer. Been a fan for a while and when I asked if I could used one of his works he said yeah. So, much love for that.
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The Enlightening | work in progress

Spent a little time at Starbucks… This is what came of it.
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Mixed media
When trying isn’t enough…
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Graphite and Chalk
Still on my brown paper kick, I love this stuff. I mean so far I have kept all my illustrations on this parchment, ethnically viable. but expect to see quite a few of theses kinds of illustrations. Just having fun now.
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I don’t like this piece… but wanted to show my friends before I scrapped it #art #personal #friends #girl #smile #digital #paint #photoshop #ethnic #dislike #wip #blend #model #girl #defcise #eh #whatever (Taken with Instagram)
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… #Illustration #instagramartist #artist #digital #girl #blackandwhite (Taken with instagram)
Don’t know if i like it…
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a test print…
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DEF! | Society6
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Spent a lot of time just thinking… in thinking, I returned to this and colored it…
I distance myself from things relating to “black,” You know, my race, culture, people?
I don’t know, I don’t want to be type casted as another black artist, but it happens anyway and I want to make light of whats good abut the people around me everyday. So I took a random image I found of a beautiful black woman and immortalized her in my style.
So that there is no assumptions to be made, I love black people, I love myself.
A.R.E.P. 001
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random illustration…
Just been at this all day… it’s morning and i’m playing Skyrim. But yeah…
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Testing the Waters
Society6 | DeviantArt
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