Endors Toi #2
Digital Painting
This is the second of the two pieces i have done for this series and I feel like this is more of where I would like it to be. I like how little there is to combat with visually. I like that the colors in the face are bolder than everything else. I enjoy how long it takes me to do something that feels so simple. But with time becoming more of a problem than a plus, i have got to get to visualizing the last 7 of these pieces. This is going to be an interesting month.
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Enders Toi #1
Digital Painting
I am sorry guys. I am apologizing because I took on the “30 Day Art Challenge” 42 days before a group show I am doing. So the work for the show is taking precedence over the challenge. Good news though, i am giving you guys looks at the work i am doing for the show. I am tackling a quick series of digital illustrations of beautifully hooded androgynous figures. Something out of dreams hence the series name. This is my first run, more like a feeling out illustration. I am not convinced by this one but being that it is my first attempt, i like the initial look. i am doing some new things with these pieces so bare with me.
In the meantime, I enjoy the love you guys. I mean my piece I did in collaboration with Feline has gotten so many notes, it’s beyond wonderful and I have no other option but to gush a little and just be grateful. That kind of love is what keeps me going, especially during times when I truly feel talentless. I love you guys, thank you.
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It’s been a little while since I have posted some art and this is supposed to be an art blog. So here is a preview of what i am currently working on. I’m coloring an older series i had conjured up. All drawn in my little sketch book, I am scanning and coloring them digitally hopefully to be printed and on display someplace.
Full blog feature to be announced, I am in love with this series so I am hoping you all keep an eye out for it.
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Part of an ongoing series…
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WET 1: The Cosmic Interpretation of the Female Emotion
Adobe Illustrator CS5
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