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Get hashtaggin’ be apart of ‘this’ #whatdatmean
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Models wanted: in the DC area. I could use some new faces for my work. Reference material for my paintings and such. If interested email me at: Darius.frank1@gmail.com
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Watching Louie and drawing a strange crop of what seems like alien heads. I just drew some easy sh*t to unwind. Intricate faces were making my brain hurt. | #tired #art #sketchbook #workinprogress #defcise
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Your voice coming through the line, you’re not exactly by my side
Graphite, colored pencil, and Acrylic on Toned paper
It has been a fairly good year, in regards to my art at least. I mean I’ve tried a few things, corrected a few things and just drew til I was tired. The good thing is the notice and respect of a few peers. I have been revering the work of a few that say they like my stuff and it really capped this year for me.
It means quite a bit to have people be receptive to my depictions of black men and women. At one time, I didn’t think anyone would. Finding a few blogs and discovering current black contemporary artist really instill some confidence in my direction and sticking to it. I really hope you all enjoyed what I have been showing and can’t wait for next year. Here’s to hoping I’m making something big of all of this. Thank you all and happy holidays.
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Untitled | #defcise
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metamorphat asked:
I just kind of stumbled upon your blog out of nowhere...I just wanted to say that even though you may hate your work and feel disconnected from it (I've definitely been there) you may not realize that people aren't seeing just a prettily drawn face. There is something raw and unnerving that you bring to them. You draw out their soul- you draw what you see. There is beauty, yes, but there is also pain, there is a story, there is depth. In the eyes, in the postures. They have attitude.

Thank you, these are the kinds of things I find motivating. To many begin and end with “this is beautiful” or “great work.” It’s hard to gauge what others see in my work and reading comments like this leaves an incredible feeling like my art isn’t as frivolous as i sometimes believe it all to be. Thank you, truly an appreciated sentiment.

A pair of pages out of the moleskin of some random stuff I just drew. | #random #practice #quickdraw #defcise
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Age 5: i wanna be part of the xmen
Age 23: i wanna be part of the xmen
We outchea | #DC #Fireworks #chillin #fourthofjuly #girlfriend
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Last Look: nearing completion on the graphite end. Will add fixitive then paint. On of my favs.
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"I’ve been a deep believer my whole life. 18 years as a Southern Baptist. More than 40 years as a mainline Protestant. I’m an ordained pastor. But it’s just stopped making sense to me. You see people doing terrible things in the name of religion, and you think: ‘Those people believe just as strongly as I do. They’re just as convinced as I am.’ And it just doesn’t make sense anymore. It doesn’t make sense to believe in a God that dabbles in people’s lives. If a plane crashes, and one person survives, everyone thanks God. They say: ‘God had a purpose for that person. God saved her for a reason!’ Do we not realize how cruel that is? Do we not realize how cruel it is to say that if God had a purpose for that person, he also had a purpose in killing everyone else on that plane? And a purpose in starving millions of children? A purpose in slavery and genocide? For every time you say that there’s a purpose behind one person’s success, you invalidate billions of people. You say there is a purpose to their suffering. And that’s just cruel."
This owl of sugar is crazy. #paulmericle #artshow #sugar
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